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Vegas is Booming!

Las Vegas is a big spot for us Jetsetters.

And it is going to get even bigger and better.

Listen to our interview with Eric Snyder, a.k.a. Fish, co-owner of Montana Meat company, one of the best sports bars and restaurants in Las Vegas.

Here are a couple of segments we did. This is about who Eric is and the food at Montana Meat.

And then this one on the drinks at Montana Meat.

In fact, you might want to mix up one of these at home yourself. We give you the ingredients in the show. And then listen to our interview with Eric, because he is also an NFL football insider. How cool is that? Your bartender knows more than the guys on ESPN!

He’s followed and covered the Oakland Raiders since he was a kid. (He’s about to publish a book on the Raiders.)

Now the Raiders are coming to him. The NFL announced that the Oakland Raiders will be moving to Las Vegas probably begin playing by the 2020 NFL football season.

What does that mean for Vegas visitors? A lot more things to do in the town in a town with already so much.

And if you live there, it means the economy should be booming.

However, Eric talks about potential downsides. For instance, what if Las Vegas fans, not used to one NFL team but betting on dozens of them each weekend, are not rabid Raider fans. Eric talks about the fickle nature of Southern California fans who seem to give up when their teams are losing. He wonders if Las Vegas fans have the same DNA. He warns that the Raiders only have a five-year deal with Las Vegas. So this could be a short stay if the fans don't come out in huge numbers.

We will be watching this over the next few years. We know tough assignment: watching what happens in Vegas.

Soon, we will be doing another story on living in Las Vegas. This is truly one of the great places to move to and retire or settle down if you have a family or young kids.

Stay tuned.

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