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Where Could You Live?

So far, we have explored two places folks might want to make their new homes.

The first is the Cayman Islands.

The second is Vieques.

Both spots offer different choices.

The Caymans works for someone with a good monthly income at least $6,500/month/couple. It is also a hot spot for medical tourism and the worldwide financial industry. It is quite modern with good roads and schools. And it is called the Culinary Capital of the Caribbean.

Meanwhile, Vieques is an island off the coast of Puerto Rico. So you’re still in the US with your cell phone and your English working just fine. Vieques is much cheaper, about $2,500/month/couple to live decently. Vieques also has great restaurants. But you will need to be self-sufficient and self-entertaining here. If you need lots of family and friends around, this might not be the place. If you are self-starting loner, perfect.

Let us know where you want to explore as a new residence. And if you have already done it, let us know too.

As we travel the world, we see many folks, especially Americans and not just retirees, who pull up stakes and live in a foreign country successfully and happily.

So we try to explore where you might want to – or be able – to live. It fits our “navigate your world” theme since we are not just about travel, food, wine, and golf, but also helping you navigate your entire world.

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