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Celebrate Cinco De Mayo Jetsetter Style

Americans love to celebrate Cinco de Mayo even though many don’t realize what Mexicans are celebrating.

Sure, it was a military victory over France in 1862 but we wouldn’t advise a boycott of French restaurants, though.

Cinco de Mayo -- in the US – has become a celebration of Mexican-American culture.

And Undercover Jetsetter celebrates with a big sombrero of recipes.

The first is the Undercover Jetsetter Guacamole. Take a look.

The second is the Undercover Jetsetter Skinny Margarita.

Notice that we use fresh ingredients in both these recipes. That is the key to good fun and good health.

If you are in the Washington DC area and you want to enjoy a fabulous Mexican restaurant, then head over to Rosa Mexicano like we did.

Enjoy these recipes and cheers to your Cinco De Mayo celebration!

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