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PGA Comes To Wilmington NC Just This Year

Sure there is a PGA event in Wilmington this week. But the big surprise for tournament goers might be the Wilmington food scene.

We take you on a tour of the downtown Wilmington food scene hitting a number of spots all within walking distance. And this Southern city with a Bohemian flair did not disappoint. One of the reasons for the Bohemian atmosphere is that Wilmington is such a big college town.

Don’t worry about imbibing, Wilmington has Uber and Lyft.

We got a tour from our Undercover embeds Sal and Beth, two Yankees who have invaded and embraced the Southern lifestyle. These folks know their food and drink.

The PGA’s Wells Fargo Championship is in Wilmington, NC this year – and for this year only – at Eagle Point Golf Club, a private Fazio design.

So you might want to see this place now since it is open to the public. Or make friends with a member.

The event is usually held in Charlotte at Quail Hollow. But this year Quail Hollow and Charlotte are hosting the PGA Championship in August, the reason for the one-year hiatus to Wilmington.

But if you want to impress someone while you are at the event, take them to downtown Wilmington. It is a hidden gem of a food town: it’s definitely Southern but with a Bohemian twist.

Here’s where we hit: the Fortunate Glass, Circa 1922 and Manna.

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