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We're Celebrating National Chardonnay Day on May 25!

Happy National Chardonnay Day! May 25 is the day to celebrate chardonnay.

We know what you are all thinking. Undercover Jetsetter should be the poster children for this holiday.

No show knows how to imbibe in chardonnays so you get the full experience before, during, and after your own sipping delights.

We take chardonnay drinking seriously.

Enough of our boasting.

So what are we drinking on this most wonderful wine holiday?

The first we dive into is Blindfold, a chardonnay blend, maybe the best of its time. Here's what we say about it on this segment.

That’s not all. We also have one of the most historic chardonnays, the Founding Father of the modern California Chardonnays – Chateau Montelena. You know it from the iconic wine film Bottle Shock. Check out this segment for all your chardonnay enjoyment needs.

Stay tuned. We will have the Undercover Jetsetter Top-5 Chardonnays coming soon!

If you want to see all of our shows, we too have come of age too, as we are now on a premium channel. Just go here.

You can watch us and all of your favorite shows that you would get on cable for a lot less.

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