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Golf Club Doctor Will See You ... in Myrtle Beach

Good News Golfers! Sometimes the problem is the clubs -- and not you.

Al Cloyd is The Golf Club Doctor and we went for a check-up for our short game.

What he did for us was the grind down the base of the club face to reduce the bounce. That's also how he gets the name Doctor Grind.

Sometimes airline baggage handlers don’t treat your clubs like they’re your children -- like you do. So you could get some damage. Heading to Al is a must during a Myrtle Beach golf trip.

And sometimes, golfers get angry on the course and take it out on the club. So Al needs to repair the club.

But he might be able to restore your relationship with the golf club – and it might not be you or your game.

That’s because the golf club might not be set up for your swing, your ability, and your body type.

He can make sure the club is the right weight, length, and lie so you hit the ball cleanly.

Getting clubs off the rack at a golf shop might be like getting clothes at a shop that doesn’t have your size.

I asked Al if his service was only good for experienced golfers.

He emphatically said, “No! The game is hard enough for experienced players. Think about how difficult it is for new players and then you give them equipment that isn’t right for them?

That makes sense.

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