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Disruptive Ice Breaker That Taste Great

So how about this for a disruptive technology?

You can place it in your pocket.

It puts money back into your pocket.

And you make friends.

They are Whiskey Elements from Time and Oak.

Why are they so cool?

They save you money on wine and liquor

You can turn less expensive libations into more expensive tasting

You decide – with the vintner and distiller -- how your libation tastes.

Take a look here at a quick video we produced for you with Actor John O’Hurley, who turned us onto the oak sticks, and Time and Oak CEO David Jackson.

So what about the icebreaking elements of Whiskey Elements. Well, you could bring O’Hurley with you. (Worked for John Daly in college.)

But oak sticks are easier.

We just finished a new book called The Like Switch by Jack Shafer and Marvin Karlins. Shafer was an FBI who recruited spies for the US government.

The book is loaded with tips on how to read people and get them to like you. Yes, the tips also relate to your personal and business life – being an Undercover Jetsetter – not a gumshoe spy.

One tip was to bring a bunch of marbles and play with them at a bar. Eventually people noticed and he got into conversations.

But why lose your marbles? Why not something less childish – like oak sticks.

We are amazed at how many trips, cruises, conventions, and dinners we have dropped a Whiskey Element into a glass of wine and instantly people are at your side: “What is that?”

Once you explain then they want a taste test with their libation. Voila! Instant conversation.

If you want to see the entire show and all the wines and liquors we oaked and tested, go here and sign up for this cable alternative that lets you see all of our shows and any show you want from your current cable line-up but cheaper.

We can get you deals on Time and Oak too. Just go here.

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