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Why Men Should Watch The LPGA Too

John has been fortunate enough to play in many celebrity golf events with professional golfers.

All of them have been great. Not one dud. And they are all interested and helpful with your golf swing and game.

Any pro golfer who plays in a celebrity event understands how important it is to their livelihood to connect with the fans who help pay their winnings.

But we think playing with the LPGA stars sometimes gives men a better insight into their golf games.

We recently asked Amy Anderson, star on the LPGA tour, about that.

Here's part of our interview with her.

So Amy agrees. What do you think?

We have more with Amy Anderson. In fact, you can see the entire story and an entire show on TikiLive. Better yet, sign up for this cable alternative and watch every Undercover Jetsetter episode and every show you watch on cable right now for far less. Plus you can take it with you.

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