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SF Food Truck: Delicious and (LOL) Disgusting

Sure, San Francisco is expensive. But heading there this summer makes sense, according to Mark Twain, who said, “The coldest winter I ever spent was a summer in San Francisco.”

Well, we say some of the best food we ever had in the city by the bay was not in a restaurant.

So here’s how you enjoy great gourmet food without going broke.

Yes, San Francisco is one of the world’s great food towns. But using some Silicon Valley ingenuity the food truck craze has taken off here and spread around the world.

We still think the food truck craze started in Hawaii, but that is another blog.

In this episode, we explore two trucks. Food was great. Now we warn you about the disgusting part – watching John eat and talk at the same time. Dude, cover your mouth!

You can check out Tres Food Truck which is tied to a retail restaurant and Manna which is entirely a mobile operation.

In the full episode that you can see by signing up for TikiLive, we explore why the food truck craze has started to thrive.

First, it is cost. Chefs can provide cheaper food and still make money by cutting out real estate costs.

Second, it is more efficient. We don’t do the Madmen Madison Avenue three martini lunches any more. In fact, going out to lunch is a dying trend, as the Wall Street Journal explains. Now the lunch comes to you – especially if you want gourmet which many Millennials do.

Third, big city governments are now allowing food trucks to park or situate themselves for business while also getting a little tax revenue in return.

Fourth, for progressive businesses bringing in a food truck for the crew is a great perk.

Got a food truck you like? Let us know.

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