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Lexington: Castle, Golf, Wine; Not Just Horses

Lexington is always worth a visit.

October is great for the horse races at Keeneland.

But summer is a good time too.

We’ve attend the Children’s Charity of the Bluegrass, one of the longest running celebrity golf events in the nation, now 37 years strong, taking care of medical bills for kids in the area.

If you take part in the week-long events, you should also take the time to indulge in Lexington and nearby Versailles. We also found out who the real blond is on this TV show.

We’ve taken in the Castle Post, a replica of a 13th Century British castle that is great for dinner and special events.

But Lexington is loaded with great wineries.

We hit three of them which have very inviting and fun tasting rooms.

Jean Farris Winery is a great stop and a fabulous restaurant -- despite John’s Inspector Clouseau efforts to sound French.

Equus Run Vineyards has wines endorsed for the Kentucky Derby.

And Grimes Mill is a special spot way out in horse country. Thankfully you will remember the wines and not John’s feeble attempts at sounding erudite.

Like us, you will learn about the rebirth of Kentucky’s wine industry. It started with the decline in tobacco that forced farmers to plant the new, more market-friendly crop in grapes.

But centuries of tobacco has also added to Kentucky wines by giving it a unique terroir. The wines appear to have a smoky, earthy taste that is quite distinctive.

Another unique taste comes from Kentucky’s bourbon country as many oak barrels can serve two great libations.

Another factor that makes Kentucky wine rich is climate change. The Kentucky climate seems to be warming to the same environment as Northern France.

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