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Summer Travel Fears and Smarts: Two Solutions

The recent terror attacks bring different responses from those of us who want to travel.

  • The first is defiance. We will not let terrorists win by keeping us frightened or away from places like Europe.

  • The second is playing it safe for loved ones.

We have remedies for both.

For defiance, head to London. Sure, there are threats. But old London town offers plenty of benefits for the stout of heart.

  • First, London is buzzing with political excitement. They are going through Brexit as they detach politically and maybe economically from the European Union. You’ll be witnessing history.

  • Second, the dollar is strong compared to the pound so your money will go a long way.

  • Third, Brits have that stiff upper lip so there will be plenty of them to tip a pint with you.

  • And fourth, take a look at our recent trip to London and some of the spots we hit including the world's greatest steak.

No matter where you travel always take precautions. Here is a quick guide if you are in London.

You may want to check out the State Department site for alerts and warnings before you go.

That's your first option.

Let’s look at the other alternative – especially if you want to take the family on vacation for less stress for you and your kids.

We suggest Maui.

Yes, Maui is a great place to bring the kids. And you can find family deals.

Take a look at what we found.

Maui – and Hawaii in general – offers Americans so much.

  • First, you feel like you are traveling to a foreign country. The tropical islands are not found too much in the US.

  • Second, even though you feel like you are in a foreign land, you are still inside the US connected to your language, your cell phone, and the dollar.

  • Third, Maui and Hawaii should be on everyone’s bucket list. Once you have been there you will come back with the “a hui hou” spirit which means “see you soon” but you never say good bye.

You can see entire episodes of Undercover Jetsetter by going to TikiLive, the cable alternative. You can see our shows and all your favorite cable shows and local TV as well by signing up. It will be a lot less than your current cable and you take your shows with you when you're in London or Maui.

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