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Kara: the Perfect Marriage

We couldn't resist that title. That's because one of our good friends, Kara, is about to get married.

And this would be a good wine at the wedding.

We just tried the Kara Chardonnay from Woodinville, Washington in the Columbia Valley.

Very nice.

It’s complex; some oak but not hard oak. There is plenty apple and citrus. I also caught a hint of floral and butterscotch.

I paired it with the Undercover Jetsetter Guacamole. Both stood up.

But the tasting notes say: vegetarian pasta, white fish, or chicken dishes. I would agree.

What’s so cool is that two wineries married their skills – CWC Winery and Eye of the Needle – to make Kara.

I caught a hint of one of our favorites -- Chateau Ste. Michelle Chardonnay. Maybe it is the Washington grapes, but as I read the tasting notes further it made even more sense. Tyson Schiffner, of CWC, had learned is craft with Chateau Ste. Michelle winery.

Kara is delivered from our wine club, Direct Cellars. Join us. Not only great wine but a business opportunity if you like. Check it out here.

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