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You're Heading to Las Vegas? Sure

A good friend is heading to the Las Vegas Strip with family to meet other family members for a 4-day stay.

So we couldn't resist.

Suggestions? Absolutely.

When you first arrive jump on the Las Vegas Linq High Roller.

Then as a special treat go to Giada's nearby at the Cromwell Hotel.

Here is what we call a sip of Giada.

Many of you are saying, "Vegas in summer?" Why not?

First, it is a dry heat.

Second, when you are on the Strip you are going from air conditioned casino to air conditioned casino.

We have full shows on Las Vegas including The Strip, Downtown Las Vegas, Downtown Summerlin, Henderson, and more. We also have lots of great info if you're thinking about moving to Sin City. Trust me, there is a lot more healthy fun than sinning.

To see all of our TV shows with great ideas for fun and food just sign up for TikiLive, the cable TV alternative that can save you money while you get all your entertainment and news wherever you go.

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