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A Trader Joe's Chardonnay That's Worth it

So we saw this at Trader Joe's and had to pick it up.

The Trader Joe's Reserve Sonoma County Chardonnay is only $9.99 a bottle in North Carolina.

It’s perfect for summer appetizers, along with fish and chicken meals.

Of course we compared it with Sonoma County wines like the Costco (Kirkland) brand we love so much.

The Trader Joe's has less and oak and more citrus.

Ironically, it reminds of the Costco Chardonnay in the big bottle more.

So for overall taste and for a few bucks less, we would opt for the Costco Sonoma and the Chardonnay.

Still, if you only go to Trader Joe's, this wine is worth your time and palate.

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