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Undercover Jetsetter's Harvard Grad

So you will constantly hear this from John.

“I graduated from Harvard.” Then a pause. “Harvard bar…” Then another pause.

Then “Harvard Bartending School.”

Here’s the proof.

John has fun bragging about his Harvard credentials. It's like the oak sticks. It is a conversation starter.

But a Harvard Bartending Course is worth it – if you want to impress family and friends by advancing your mixology skills.

John took the course because his wife Teri saw a deal on Groupon. So he spent a Saturday afternoon in Cambridge, MA.

He had gone through bartender certifications before, but he figured he might catch up on some new drinks and ideas.

But what he also discovered was how valuable the course it to the bar and restaurant industry. The course included a TIPS Certification. TIPS means Training in Intervention Procedures by Servers of alcohol. This is a course that certifies bartenders for the insurance industry to help stop drunk driving accidents and deaths.

It was a little more classroom psychology and law than John expected, but as he says, “His Providence College education took care of that.”

Check out bartending courses around you. Tell us about them.

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