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Improve Your Golf Game With Undercover Jetsetter. Here is how.

And you thought Undercover Jetsetter is all about travel, food, wine, and drink.

True, the wine and drink can give your golf game some good swing lube.

But we also have some great videos to improve your golf game. Here is the entire playlist.

Let’s give you a little demo of the videos.

First, we get golf disruptive. We show you how to improve your golf swing by using your iPhone. Hey we shoot the whole show on the iPhone. Why not take off some strokes too!

Next, we show guys a better way to learn about their golf swing by either watching or attending an LPGA event.

Plus we make you feel good about your golf game. We let you know it might not be your or your swing. It could be the clubs. That's what we learned from Al Cloyd, the Golf Club Doctor, who is in the Myrtle Beach area.

Then we found an innovative new way to help the bogey golfer start shooting in the 80s. And it is a simple method that, unfortunately, might require a weekend trip to Las Vegas.

How about when you travel to South Korea? You don’t want your golf game to suffer. Well, we found out how you can. And we also found out why there are so many professional golfers from South Korea. The answer is in their hotels.

Now with all of this great info on improving your golf game, you need to get us a tee time at your club.

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