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Oahu Gems Off-the-beaten Path

Hawaii is on most Jetsetter’s Bucket List. And it should be.

Many of you head to Maui (as we showed you here), Kauai, or the Big Island.

But don’t forget Oahu.

Sure, Honolulu has the hustle and bustle of other major cities -- along with incredible beaches, restaurants, views, and restaurants.

But if you’re a true foodie, you will explore some of these gems we indulged in for you -- that maybe you wouldn't normally be exposed to.

The first is near Honolulu. La Mariana is tiki bar, restaurant, and a sailing club. It has a fabulous history with the glamour and mystery of Hollywood from the early 1900s. But it also has some of the best mai tais and food.

Next, we go into downtown Honolulu. This is the city's business district, not necessarily a tourist area. But if you are a foodie you must go to this local’s spot called Side Street Inn.

Then we suggest you travel to the west side of Oahu in Ko Olina to hit Monkey Pod Kitchen. This is real foodie stuff. And you get to experience the height of Hawaii’s farm to fresh food movement.

Then you need to head to the North Shore of Oahu. First, you hunt down the two top shrimp trucks and then conduct your own shrimp truck battle. You will have to decide whether Giovanni’s or Mackys is the winner.

Then you top it all off by going to what we call the “Cheers” of Hawaii. Haleiwa Joe’s is the place where locals and tourists can mingle over great tropical drinks and incredible food.

We have produced three shows just featuring everything to do on Oahu; three more on Maui too.

To see all of our shows and get connected to the Cable TV alternative called TikiLive just go here.

Don't forget to share your Hawaii experiences with us as well on Twitter and Facebook.

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