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Cozumel: Nothing Slavish Here

Sometimes history that doesn't happen is more interesting. Take Cozumel.

In 1862, President Abraham Lincoln offered to buy the island of Cozumel from the Mexican government as a colony for slaves that would be freed and would want a new home away from the war-torn US. Obviously, it never happened.

And there is nothing slavish about Cozumel today.

We spent some time there. Here is our Cozumel playlist.

You will want to spend a vacation there. A week get-away makes sense. Or you might want to look for a cruise that anchors in Cozumel.

In talking to visitors, we were surprised at how many Americans and Canadians make yearly treks to Cozumel. That's because of many direct flights from the mainland.

Cozumel has old country charm that you will find in other Mexican stops. But Cozumel is also quite modern with upscale stores, restaurants, bars. and decent taxi and bus service. It is not as upscale or business-like as the Caymans. And that's because Cozumel is solely focused on tourism, its biggest industry.

As a result, they cater to visitors.

Here's an overview we put together.

Cozumel has many great bars and eateries. We dove into two of them that have a common theme. Take a look at Wet Wendy's.

Ask for Chio when you go there.

We think Wet Wendy would be a great Jetsetter. Take a look at her legend.

Next, we went to the Thirsty Cougar, another great spot right on the waterfront. And as you will see here, Thirsty Cougar was the name of Wet Wendy's ship.

Although we could eat and drink our way through Cozumel, there are other things to do. There are plenty of sports and artistic events. Check out this news site before you go.

We decided to explore the spirits of Cozumel that includes some tips on recognizing a fake tequila once you go home.

If you have some Cozumel stories, photos, or videos share them on Twitter and Facebook.

Drop us any questions you might have if you are considering a trip there.

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