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Kelly Edge From Miami and South Beach

Kelly Edge, a celeb interior designer and a friend of the show, gave us an insider view from Miami and South Beach in the aftermath of Hurricane Irma.

Here’s our interview.

Some highlights:

Kelly says the real problem is the lack of electricity. People can’t go back to work. Grocery stores are throwing away food they can’t refrigerate or freeze. Hotels can’t offer room to visiting airline employees so that is keeping down the number of flights. Once the electricity is back then she thinks things will turn around.

Kelly says the region is almost surreal. This is a photo Kelly sent of a sailboat lifted out of the water and dumped across the street.

The good news, from what she could see, is that there was not a lot of structural damage to buildings. So she thinks Miami and South Beach will be ready for the winter tourist season.

In our episode on South Beach, Kelly took us to El Carajo International Tapas and Wine, an iconic restaurant connected to a gas station but with incredible food and wines. Kelly says they are open serving wine and pastries. The problem is that people think they have gas so many cars are pulling in with frustrated drivers.

We are hoping to get back to South Beach Miami to show how people can help support the area again.

In case you missed our episode from South Beach with Kelly, here it is.

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