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Mangos, Horsing Around As Vieques Recovers

Vieques islanders find some sordid, au natural humor in the aftermath of Hurricane Irma as they await gas, electricity, and ice from their cash-strapped Puerto Rico government.

The island has a bevy of avocados which Irma shook from the trees, but there is a more insidious fruit -- the mango.

(Yes avocado is a fruit)

The picture here shows the bumper crop of mangos that have fallen at the hooves of the many horses on the island thanks to the winds of Irma.

Those horses play a part in this sordid tale too. We showed you these friendly creatures that roam the island as we toured Vieques for almost a week earlier this year.

You can watch the segment here.

But when you pick mangos, be aware of those rascally equines.

They know mangos are in your car.

They come to the window and ask politely.

There's a reason for their friendliness: lust.

Mangos, according to scientific-minded islanders, are horse aphrodisiacs: stallion Viagra..

Some of you may think this is just horseplay. At least that's what you tell the kids.

I prefer the belief that you’ve been transported to Kentucky.

But don't deny the problem here.

Yes, this offends my Southern sensibilities. So maybe y’all should go down there and help solve the problem – by eating more mangos.

Actually I used the mangos and the local mango juice to create my own version of the Vieques Mai-Tai for our travel partners.

The key is local rums: spiced, gold; and coconut. Fill half the glass with rum.

Then a dash of Amaretto which is the hidden key to a mai-tai taste.

Use pineapple, orange, and mango juice.

To cut the sweetness, one of my secrets, splash some tonic water.

Try it. But we warn you, you may become a stud without even knowing it.

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