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New Wines Evoke My Fair Lady and Spanish Secession?

The latest from our wine club have arrived.

And both delved into the deep recesses of our minds dredging up loads of unrelated facts and anecdotes.

We bet it happens to you too -- especially if you pour both these wines at a dinner party -- which we highly suggest.

First, open this Italian Pinot Grigio from the Delle Venezie region, not far from Venice in Southeastern Italy and part of what used to be the Venetian Empire. No, we’re not talking a window blind maker who sells on Amazon now.

The winery is Piazza Bianco which we thought was Sicilian or possibly owned by former Mets and Dodgers Hall of Fame Catcher Mike Piazza. (It’s the first. See what we mean?)

This is 100% Pinot Grigio. However, if you have a dignified (overly-proper) Frenchman visiting, you can acknowledge that is also called a Pinot Gris.

Then allow your inner Henry Higgins to whisper this line from My Fair Lady:

The French don’t care what they do as long as they pronounce it properly.

Either way, this is a light opening act to your dinner party.

It’s crisp with apple and pear with a citrus finish and subtle minerality.

It’s great with hors d’oeuvres, fish, white meats, or soups.

We had it with some Asiago cheese that was slightly melted and the Piazza Bianco stood up.

Next, you’ll want to secede and declare your independence at your gathering with this fabulous blend – the 2014 Blanc Terra Alta DO from Vinya D’irta in Spain.

This is from the Catalonia region that is about to vote for its independence from Spain.

Let’s hope there is no shake-up in the terroir there, because this is a lovely surprise.

You can have it with fish, white meat and veggie dishes. But honestly, you could plant your flag on the patio and just drink it alone.

I know! A Spanish white alone?!

It is 70% Garnacha Blanca, 20% Macabeo, and 10% Viognier.

What makes this so unique is the Viognier.

That 10% is like a call to arms – or an armchair -- for your taste buds.

You can’t get these wines in too many places. That’s the beauty of our wine club.

Join us at this link and have these unique wines delivered right to your house.

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