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Maria Looking Like Brutal Remake of Irma

We need lots of prayers, good wishes, and attention for the folks in the Caribbean again -- including Puerto Rico and Vieques.

Maria looks like she is following closely the path of Irma.

This photo, just sent, is an oil rig off Vieques, being moved immediately in preparation for Maria or what our friend and contact on Vieques Susan Osborne texted:

This is the big one. They are telling us a possible Cat 5.

It's projected to hit Vieques around 11 am Wednesday. You can follow the storm on the Vieques Weather Facebook Page.

As of 8 am today Monday, Maria is a Cat-2.

We’ve chronicled Vieques efforts to withstand Irma. Irma didn’t have a direct hit, but it caused problems due to a combo of a lack of resources and Puerto Rico’s cash-strapped government.

Now that Maria could be a more direct hit, Susan texted this morning:

If we were in the States this island would’ve been evacuated … mandatory.

When we asked if she could get out. she texted:

Transportation out is done.

For the US mainland, there is still a good chance Maria could hit the southeast again or possibly veer eastward and head out to sea by next week, maybe Monday or Tuesday September 25 or 26.

Still a lot of time for changes for the mainland, but not for the Caribbean.

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