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Creepy Cocktails for Halloween

Are you ready to get ghoulish with our creepy cocktails for Halloween?

We’ve got you covered with two zombie-licous drinks for you to celebrate Undercover Jetsetter style.

First up is the Monsta-Rita with a ghoulish garnish. This monster eyeball garnish will impress even your most fiendish friends.

It’s tangy with a touch of sweetness and you’ll even get some electrolyte infusion from the sports drink that’s one of the ingredients.


Next we have the Tropical Ghostini.

Our Montego Bay episode inspired this sophisticated taste of paradise. It’s a coconut and pineapple combo that will satisfy your chicest and sheerest guests.

Now go get your spooky on and have a Happy Halloween!

For these recipes and more visit our UnderCover Jetsetter Mixology page.

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