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How Making Guacamole Improves Golf Swing

So this is my left index finger after trying to chop cilantro while making the Undercover Jetsetter Guacamole.

This is my first cooking casualty in my kitchen career.

It was a half-inch chunk.

In Jetsetter style, I stopped the bleeding then finished the guac.

But then I had a tee time in a few minutes.

Did I play? You bet.

And I played well.

Yes slicing my index finger helped my golf swing. How?

First, it made me remember a tip from PGA pro Chip Beck. We played in an event together.

Chip said both index fingers should be off the club, pointing at the ball, aimed like a pistol.

It did a couple of things for me:

First, it forces your shoulders and back to initiate more of the swing. Too many of us tend to use the arms like we think a baseball swing should be. This creates a smoother swing rhythm.

Second, it forces the shaft to stay at a consistent angle during the swing. Many of us amateurs want to cock the wrist to get more power and distance. You might get more force and distance, but because of the extra motion it’s very difficult for us hackers to return the club head to a square position to hit the ball straight.

Despite my near culinary cuticle catastrophe, I actually hit the ball more consistently. And who says guacamole isn’t good for you?

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