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From Hollywood To London To Seoul: Or Midwifing Undercover Jetsetter

Sprinting out of the blocks jet setting!

Yes, in our first episode, we really hit Tinsel Town, London, and Seoul -- and then stopped off in Napa too.

But like most first-borns, the parents of this first Undercover Jetsetter have come a long way – after more than 50 shows now produced.

Here is a sip of that first show. Take a look and then we will give you some interesting tidbits about how the show came together.

To see the entire show and to sign up for the cable TV alternative, go here.

You can see us and all your favorite shows you now watch on cable but for much less – and it goes with you.

You will notice that our stand-ups in LA were at The Grove in LA at the Marmalade Café.

At the time we were creating a series of segments under the brand name Intrigue. Once we got the call from TikiLive to create a bigger show then we used some of that Intrigue content to kick things off.

Notice some other things that you’ve seen in the 2+ seasons we’ve produced.

We were experimenting with different camera effects.

That’s how we got the Marilyn Monroe ghost. It’s fairly simple to do. Make sure the light source is behind the subject – just the opposite of interviewing someone.

In this case, we shot the reflection in a mirror of the sun behind Susan. Fortunately, Susan had Marilyn’s blonde hair.

But for the sake of being historically and ghostly accurate, this was the area in the hotel where guests have seen Marilyn’s ghost.

Those tricks we eventually included in our book.

Our goals even back then are to get you to produce segments and be on our show or learn how to create your own show.

In addition, our attempt at a Marilyn video seance was the first of a number of stories we’ve produced with ghosts. Here is our ghostly playlist.

Another theme we hit here is places off the beaten path. In Hollywood, you need to try the Roosevelt Hotel for at least one night. It has that feel of 1950s Hollywood whether you see Marilyn or Montgomery Clift floating around.

We also found our theme of burgers and adult milkshakes. We hit 25 Degrees, a café that is not something you will find in Mayberry. To be honest, we put on pounds just thinking about the burgers and shakes.

In London, we wanted to give you an introduction especially if you have never been there. The best way is the London Eye.

Now we just gave you the simple sky tour but you can make it a full party by going to their website and planning ahead of time.

And when we went to Seoul, we found our first golf story. Again, we like to go beyond golf course review segments.

And when we were in Seoul in the middle of winter and we saw everyone at driving ranges in hotels, we were astounded.

We also understood why so many Koreans are making it big on the professional tours in the past decade despite golf not being a big part of the country’s development after the Korean War with little places to build golf courses.

And then we take you to one of our favorite wineries. This is the J. Rickards Winery.

And it is not just any winery. These are old vines that Jim has nursed like Sarah from the Bible giving birth to some of the best grapes in the region.

And it is no coincidence that Jim is a nurse too; a critical care nurse still working even after his days as an Army medic in the Vietnam War.

Let us know your thoughts on the show. Tell us your experiences. Drop them here or on our Facebook and Twitter pages.

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