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Cozumel, Wilmington, Tiramisu Martini, and Bogey Golf Academy

Feeling chilled?

Here is a warm weather episode.

In this show from Season 2, we’re taking you to a Caribbean island, an Old South foodie downtown, a dessert cocktail we discovered on a cruise, and Las Vegas for some ways to drop your golf score.

Here’s a sip of it.

Cozumel is one of those “Oh Yeah” places. You’ve heard of it. But it’s forgotten. That is, until you go there.

This is a clean, fairly modern city.

It is in the Caribbean off the coast of Mexico.

We met a lot of folks from the US and Canada who frequent here. So there are many flights from the mainland.

If you want to try Cozumel for a short one-day visit, try a Caribbean cruise that might include Jamaica or Cayman Islands. Most of them depart from Miami.

You can shop, snorkel, explore, or just relax.

You will definitely want to eat and drink here.

Wet Wendy’s gave us some of the best margaritas we’ve ever had.

And we also met Chio, the bartender there. And she gave us the recipe for the Cucumber Jalapeno Margarita.

Next, we hit the cruise ship to find you a luscious and sweet martini drink. This is the Tiramisu Martini.

And it is decadent.

Check out our Mixology page for the recipe and the list of ingredients you will need. Yes, you might need a trip to the store. But we guarantee you at the end of the night someone will thank you.

After that, we breeze into Wilmington, NC. This is one of the great food towns with a bohemian feel.

We strongly urge you on your first trip here to walk the downtown and hit the many restaurants with the inventive chefs who use the farm to table approach while adding in some of the Southern grown ingredients and charm.

The other delight in Wilmington is its college town atmosphere which creates some energetic and fun wait staff and bartenders. Many of them, despite their age, are very knowledgeable.

And if you are heading there, check out Jetsetter Deals for some great rates on hotel rooms.

And no matter your age or golfing ability, you need to go to Vegas and take a few days at the Bogey Golfer Academy. It used to be called Lower Your Golf at the time we shot this segment.

Still, this unique method is still the same. It helps the bogey golfer shave strokes off his or her 90+ score and get into the 80s. In this episode, we show how it helps women golfers.


You want to see the entire episode? Go here

Yes it is a subscription site. But it also offers you a great deal on the cable TV alternative known as TikiLive. TikiLive will cut your cable bill while letting you see all your favorite TV shows – including us.

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