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How To Profit From the Disney-Fox Deal.

The Fox-Disney deal looks like another corporate take-over of your entertainment, right?


But you can ride the wave – certainly by saving money -- and even making money.

How? Read on.

First, understand the tidal wave. Cable TV cord cutting isn’t new, but it’s skyrocketing. Notice just the last few days.

That means all your entertainment and communications are going to be OTT (Over The Top) content that you will get from high-speed Internet and Wi-Fi.

Juniper Research, in a new study, says OTT revenues will surge from $64 billion this year to $120 billion by 2020.

But watch for further disruption.

So far, consumers like you have forced these changes by demanding lower costs, choice of programming, and portability.

But will you want to pay separately for Netflix, HBO, Showtime, ESPN, you favorite MLB team, etc.?

Heck no.

So Juniper projects by 2022 nearly 1 out of 4 households worldwide will subscribe to SVOD (Subscription Video On Demand) service.

We work with one of those SVODs OTTs. It’s TikiLive. Tiki carries our show.

Take a look.

Tiki Founder Tim Green tells me they are doubling their customers each month.

TikiLive saves you a ton of money compared to your monthly cable TV bill. Plus, you can decide what channels you want.

And you can take Tiki on vacation with you on most devices within the US and in the Bahamas. And you don’t need a lot of set-up.

Check out this link.

Not all of American programming can be seen outside North America, so some shows are restricted.

Undercover Jetsetter is not restricted. We can be seen worldwide. And so can you. Think about creating your own show for your passion or your business.

You can also sell TikiLive as a service. Look at the growth projections. Talk to your friends who are cutting the cable TV cord.

Come join us as your entertainment world is about to get turned upside down -- and much better and easier.

For more info, go here.

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