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Maui Wowie: A Bucket List High

No, we’re not talking about the famous 1960s marijuana.

Although Hawaii’s first medical cannabis dispensary is now open on Maui.

We are talking about the Natural Wow of Maui that makes it a bucket list destination. Once there, Maui will also be on your return list.

What is it about Maui?

Here’s our take. Remember Susan lived in Hawaii for more than a decade and John has visited on numerous times for vacation and TV work.

Like all the Hawaiian Islands, Maui:

  • Gives you the tropics all year round.

  • Allows you to feel like you’re traveling abroad but you are still in the US.

  • Lets you use your smart devices to make in-country calls and the chance to watch your TV entertainment – at no extra cost.

  • Indulges in Hawaii’s farm to table cuisine and fresh fish and meats that are culinary delights.

  • Makes you feel like you’re a member of the family.

But Maui, like all the Hawaiian Islands, offers many different experiences.

Maui is a mixture of Oahu’s Waikiki, the Garden Isle of Kauai, and The Big Island.

  • Maui has nightlife but not like the faster-paced clubs of Waikiki.

  • Maui is not as laid-back as Kauai and The Big Island; but still offers great beaches, hiking, and wildlife like Kauai does, but not the National Parks that the Big Island has.

  • Maui has a great art culture as it has attracted many artists who live and work there.

  • Maui is host to some fabulous food and wine festivals, like the Kapalua Wine & Food Festival in June and the Hawaii Food and Wine Festival in October.

We go into detail about Maui in three shows. We give you a sip of each show here. Subscribe to our YouTube Channel here.

In this episode from Season 2, we discover Maui’s jetsetting alternatives with hotels, golf, nightlife, great views, and food. We strive to share the culture with you so you can get to know it – which includes drinking Mai Tais. Hey, we’re givers. Take a look.

In this episode, we show you how Maui can also be tranquil. If you need to get away from something hectic, Maui is perfect. You can relax, veg out, smell the lavender, and even drink some local wine. Did you really think we would pass up trying local wine? Again, we’re sacrificing for you. Take a look here.

Now Maui seems like a place for adults only. Don’t even think about bringing the kids, right?


Maui is the perfect family vacation. There is plenty for the kids to explore as they learn about Hawaiian culture. While the whole family will have great memories, Maui doesn’t have to be a nightmare to your family vacation budget.

Remember, we’re also all about helping you be a jetsetter on a budget and without having to be a millionaire.

Take a look.

To see all of our shows, go to this link and subscribe.

Tikilive is a cable TV alternative. And when you’re on Maui if you want to catch up on news or your favorite shows, you can watch on your smart devices too.

So how do you indulge in Maui?

  • You can spend a full two weeks on Maui and never be bored. There are direct flights from the mainland to Maui.

  • You can hit Maui for 3 or 4 days with stays on other islands to get a buffet-style taste of all the islands. This makes sense if it is your first trip to Hawaii.

  • You can hit Maui and Oahu if you’re more of a nightlife jetsetter.

  • You can hit Maui and either Kauai or the Big Island if you are more into hiking and nature.

  • High season is from Christmas to April and summer months. A slightly non-high tourist volume time is September through November.

Anyway you do it, check out Jetsetter Deals which is our hotel booking engine offering you a wide range of hotels and not just the rooms the hotels can’t sell.


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