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A Show For Guys … And You Gals Too

Guys will love this episode because we have a hot chef and hot caddies. (Can you guess which co-host wrote this?)

But, gals, we don’t forget you. We take you to Maui to Vegas to Myrtle Beach and back to the bar to try a must-drink Chardonnay. (Can you guess which co-host added this line?)

It’s from Season 2 and we try to keep your taste buds and mind jumping.

Here’s a sip of what you will see. We will discuss a little deeper after.

We know you guys will want to see the entire show. It’s easy. Go here. You can sign up for TikiLive – the Cable TV alternative. You will see our shows and everything else you watch on Cable TV for a fraction of the cost and you can take it with you anywhere in the US and Bahamas.

Yes, you can even take TikiLive and all your shows to Maui – like we did.

We hit some of the hip and fun spots of Maui including the nightlife. As we mentioned in other posts, Maui’s nightlife isn’t as fast-paced as Waikiki but it is more hip than the Big Island or Kauai.

We anchored ourselves at the Maui Hyatt with its great views, its penguins, and Japengo – one of the most inventive seafood Asian restaurants ever. It wins many awards for its sushi. But this place is more than sushi.

Now let’s talk Giada.

Guys, we’ll level with you here. Giada was not in Vegas when we were there. But her pictures were. If that is not enough to fall in love with her then try Giada’s tasting menu. You have to try her rack … of lamb. (Sorry one co-host couldn’t resist.)

Giada definitely knows how to tease a Jetsetter palate. In addition, she has a staff that is highly trained and accommodating to your culinary and libation needs.

When you’re on the Las Vegas Strip next time, make it a must to go see what Giada is whipping up. Her restaurant is in the Cromwell right on the Strip.

You may want to ask for this wine the next time you’re at any good restaurant. It’s Hartford Court.

No it is not from Hartford, CT where John is from. It is a California Chardonnay from Russian River Valley. It is fairly big with oak and butter – but not overwhelming. We found it in London at Gordon Ramsay’s Maze Grill Mayfair.

You don't get a lot of good California Chardonnays in London; mostly the French style. So it was a welcome taste of home when we tried it. But we had the same feeling when tasting it back home.

It can stand up to steak. But we think it is one of the best Chardonnay sipping wines on its own.

Then we take our clubs to the Myrtle Beach, SC area where John plays a round of golf with The Myrtle Beach Caddy Girls.

These are beautiful women who are also trained to caddy for you for a round of golf.

Gals, you can hire a Caddy Girl too if you’re looking to talk to a female buddy on the course.

John quickly learned that listening to his Caddy Girl Julia makes sense. She told him to putt it and not chip it before he runs his shot way past the hole.

But Julia saves him with the perfect read to can a 10-foot putt. Men!!!!!

Speaking of Men!!!! One of the things we explore in the segment is that guys need to be careful. Bring your manners with you on the course with The Caddy Girls. These gals are golfing goddesses but they also are trained. Don’t say we didn’t warn you.

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