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Curacao for Cruisers: What You Should Do

This is the first of many postings from and about Curacao.

Although we spent a whirlwind week on this exciting and yet relaxing island nation, we had a request from one of our faithful followers.

She’s hitting Curacao on an upcoming cruise and she wanted to know what to do for that one-day stop.

The answer is really there is too much to do since Curacao is rated one of the top cruise destinations.

So we tried our best to offer a tight, short list. Take a look at this sip of Curacao Cruising.

Willemstad is a cool city that has to be seen in person. The views; the colors; and the architecture make it so vibrant and unique.

And you see how friendly the people of Curacao are. You heard from Hynrich and Stephanie in the video sip.

Hynrich manages the house we stayed at – which you will see in an upcoming episode. And Stephanie is a waitress at Hemingway’s.

They portray the Curacao friendliness that so many visitors rave about. Sure, all Caribbean ports are friendly. But Curacao folks seem to give a lasting cheeriness. We felt it with Hynrich and Stephanie and many others.

One way to meet more locals is to take a tour. Try Curacao Private Tours.

Besides the people, the dolphins are really nice too. These mammals are just plain sweet, fun, and funny. Check out the programs at the Dolphin Academy before you start the cruise in case they get overbooked.

Curacao is a fascinating blend of Dutch, Spanish, African, and South American cultures. The Museum Kura Hulanda gives you the history. What’s fascinating is that in the midst of the African Slave Trade, Curacao abolished slavery in 1863, a year before the United States did when the US Civil War ended in 1864. And then Curacao offered freed slaves a land program where they could make money working the land they had just been freed from.

Check out the museum site ahead of time too to make sure the hours coincide with your stay.

We highly recommend Chez Ray as a gourmet feast with Chef Ray Chaar. We had a New Year’s Eve feast that was second to none.

If you’re worried about missing the cruise, try the Renaissance Hotel which is right next to the docks. You can get some good food and drink while sitting at the bar with some American TV.

Marriott Rewards members get access to the Renaissance beach area too along with other amenities. Call them or check out this site.

We have a lot more to come from Curacao. Stay tuned.

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