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Watching PGA Sony From Oahu? Here's How

It’s a winter tradition for us: a cold January night watching golf from Hawaii sipping a mai tai.

If only we had a hula skirt. We’ve determined that the hula motion is great for the lower body action of the golf swing.

Last week it was from Maui. This week is the Sony from Waialae.

Many of golf's young studs will be there. The Undercover Jetsetter pick this week is Jordan Spieth barely beating upstart Hudson Swafford. No 59 this year for Justin Thomas who has Bones on his bag.

We also have other picks if you’re there or if you’re lured to book that Hawaii vacation.

Do it.

We’ve told you this before. Hawaii makes you feel like you’ve left the country but your English and smart phone work perfectly.

We’ve prattled on about Maui here and in three different shows including this one

So now we want to give Oahu some love.

Many of you think of Oahu as just Waikiki. No way.

Sure, we love Waikiki and its resorts and nightlife. But we also think you need to explore the island with some of the locals.

First, hit the North Shore. Yes you will need to rent a car. You will see great surfing. But the best competition will be on your tongue. It is a Shrimp Truck battle you will conduct yourself. Here’s how.

After that, you will stay on the North Shore and head to Hawaii’s version of Cheers. It’s called Haleiwa Joe’s. The food is fabulous and their Mai Tais leave you screaming Mahalo.

Now head to downtown Honolulu and eat where all the chefs on the island eat – at Side Street Inn.

On the far west side of the island is a farm to table marvel called Monkey Pod Kitchen.

Not far from Waikiki is a legendary restaurant with some history going back to the silent film era – not to mention some killer Mai Tais and other island drinks.

After all that, if you are not going to Oahu, let us send your taste buds there with the Undercover Jetsetter Mat Tai. The secret ingredient is Amaretto.

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