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Cold Enough for You?

We’re guessing about now you’re ready for that warm weather get-away.

Most of you are past "the snow looks so pretty" stage and have moved onto "the slush is ugly and I can't feel my toes" stage.

We're there long ago.

Susan lived in Sydney, Australia and Hawaii for most of her life. Snow is a foreign object.

John, as a TV news reporter, did a live remote report. On Memorial Day. In New England. In 1985. In long underwear! Yes, 32 years ago. Age has nothing to do with it.

So welcome to our worlds.

For most of the United States, December and January have been Arctic like – even in the Deep South all the way to Florida had a deep freeze.

So, let’s give you some of our options.

Within the US, you always have Hawaii. Try Maui, as we have mentioned here before. Maui is a great getaway for couples, friends, golf buddies, and even the whole family.

Hawaii also offers less hassle for Americans: your money; your phone; and your English works perfectly in this paradise.

But English is spoken and written on the menus in Curacao. Here is a sip of our recent trip to this Dutch island that rarely gets cold in the South Caribbean. You will love Curacao even if it is only one-day stop on a cruise.

We’re hearing lots of folks thinking maybe we need to punt completely on “this winter thing” and move to a place like the Caymans. Well, maybe you might want to visit first.

Another great spot is Cozumel, sometimes forgotten. Now there is not much golf here, but there is plenty of fun.

Need to book fast. Get your flights on your favorite airline and then go to Jetsetter Deals to find the best deals on hotel rooms.

Just a heads-up: soon we will be offering low-cost flights here. I know: that’s why you stick with us.

Now stop shivering.

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