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Frankie Winter Fig Brulee Manhattan

2 oz. Maker’s Mark Bourbon Whiskey

1 oz. Brown Sugar Simple Syrup

Dash of Chocolate Bitters

Fresh Fig Sliced

¼ tsp of Everclear Grain Alcohol

Brown Sugar Simple Syrup is equal amounts of brown sugar and water. Boil and stir. Let sit to room temperature then store in refrigerator.

In a brandy snifter place sliced figs and soak with ¼ teaspoon of Everclear. Use a lighter and carefully flame or brulee the figs. Make sure to stir the glass so the figs move and burn off the Everclear completely. It should take 20 seconds for figs to bubble on the outside and Everclear to burn off.

In stainless steel shaker add ice with Maker’s Mark, Brown Sugar Simple Syrup, and dash of Chocolate Bitters. Shake.

In lowball glass put ice then brulee figs in first, then pour from shaker.


Watch the video here.

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