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Golf Is Officially Back And Scoring Again

And it is not just Tiger's return.

Sure, Tiger will get some credit for that.

Tiger’s reconstructed back might be carrying the PGA and its TV ratings.

Look at the TV ratings when Tiger played in the Hero World Challenge in December. It beat all other tournaments in viewership including major tournaments in 2017.

But for the overall golf industry, Tiger can’t take all the credit.

The buzz around Tiger is great for the game. And it is great for the young stars – Jordan, Ricky, Justin, Rory, and DJ – who will get to play with the guy who probably inspired them to pick up a golf club as kids.

But don’t underestimate the youngsters either.

These kids are superstars on the course and off. They’re just nice kids who like each other while trying to crush each other with their scores. They represent the kindness and fun of business the Millennials seem to swing toward.

As a result, Millennials are taking over golf. They are more interested in the game now or taking it up in the future.

That might seem a bit out of bounds, though, when you consider some other factors.

  • First, golf takes 4 or 5 hours to play. Most Millennials don’t have the time or patience.

  • Second, golf courses are closing at a high rate in many towns across the nation to make way for housing and other developments.

Both those factors are true – and so is the Millennials attraction to the links.

The difference: Millennials are doing golf their way.

The game is far more social than the way Baby Boomers take golf.

  • They might not play a full 18-holes, but go to the driving range and hit balls with friends.

  • You’re already seeing some courses shorten their tracks and just go to all par-3s or executive courses.

  • They can get golf instructions quicker on their smart phone, as we show you here.

  • And we’re seeing venues like Top Golf that give Millennials what they love most: friends, food, and drink – along with some golf.

  • Golf is turning out to be a great fantasy sports events. Try the Golf Channel weekly game. It is free.

How will Millennials affect the future of golf?

The PGA is making changes already to speed up the game. I wouldn’t be surprised if Millennials make the golf hole bigger for faster play.

So what are your thoughts whether you just play or watch golf?

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