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Game Plan for Super Bowl Watch Party

Keep your game plan simple.

Stick to it. No audibles from the kitchen in the middle of the game. Leave that to Tom Brady.

Remember, your guests won’t want to miss anything – including the pre-game, the actual game, the halftime show, and the commercials.

And you don’t want to miss any of them either.

So, let’s go over some game video.

Head to Trader Joe’s for wines and appetizers. Not only will you get great taste but good deals too, so you won't go over your salary cap.

Here are some Trader Joe’s red wines we suggest you tackle.

And we also have some suggestions for Trader Joe’s just as superb white wines.

Notice each video has suggestions of cheese and appetizers too.

You want a name brand Chardonnay at Trader Joe’s that won’t bust your budget? Then try the Columbia Crest. Here’s what we found out.

Also at Trader Joe’s grab a couple of bottles of Jalapeno Lime Aid. This is so versatile. Yes, you could use it in your homemade guacamole. (More on that later in this post.)

But this is also makes a simple Undercover Jetsetter Lime Jalapeno Margarita. How simple? The water boy could do this: tequila; squeeze of orange; then fill with TJ’s Jalapeno Lime Aid.

You will get that jalapeno kick but it is not flame thrower by any means.

Next, grab plenty of bottles of vodka and diet tonic – especially for the diet conscious. This leads to the even simpler Jetsetter Vodka Tonic.

Sure it is almost too simple. But we don't want you thinking. We want you reacting.

Another option is Sangria. You could whip up a batch by using left-over wine, but don’t say it out loud. There are two ways.

The first is John’s. He is known to throw in everything from the fruit, spice, wine, and booze bins into one big pitcher and let it sit for a day.

If you’re not comfortable with John’s crazy mixology/alchemy, then try the second way, which is Susan’s and more elegant – the Summer Sangria.

What if you’re blocked from a Trader Joe’s?

No worries, Costco is just a head fake and dash away.

Grab some of their white wines – namely Costco’s go-to chardonnays. You’ll be a champ if you just get these two.

If you see something else in the Costco wine section, don’t worry. Go for it.

If it carries the Costco brand – Kirkland – then you are safe like a run up the middle on second down and 1 yard.

Costco wines are made from the best grapes that come from the perfect region. It’s their buying power.

And you have to grab some reds too from Costco. Watch here. And you will notice some appetizer suggestions as well.

If it’s a Super Bowl, you need Chicken Wings.

So head to the frozen food section and get Costco’s frozen Chicken Wings.

This is a huge bag to take care of Super Bowl appetites.

You can prep that morning or the day before. But try this recipe, found by John’s wife Teri that is simple and fast.

Then head to the produce section and grab some avocados. Costco avocados are far cheaper than regular store-bought avocados.

You will need them for the Undercover Jetsetter Guacamole.

The Guac is a no brainer. It’s tasty and it’s healthy.

Your guests will need the beneficial oils from the avocados to endure the full day.

Watch how Susan makes it here.

We mentioned the Trader Joe’s Jalapeno Lime Aid earlier. Don’t be afraid to put a dash of it in your guac for that fresh lime and jalapeno kick.

Here’s a Southern suggestion that we have to give Jetsetter Raleigh Rick Meadows credit.

It’s a snacking combo of Pimento Cheese, a Southern favorite, with another old favorite Frito’s.

It’s a surprising good combo with your libations.

No we have no sponsorship deals with Costco or Trader Joe's. (But we should.)

We suggest them because of the quality and the affordability of their products.

Costco is an even bigger safety valve for your game plan because you can buy in bulk for a big party.

When you're at Costco or Trader Joe's, or even your local grocery store, look around for specialty trays of vegetables and fruit.

Remember this is a full eight hours of sitting, drinking, and stuffing yourself. Don't get too far away from your diet. Have some of the good stuff too.

Also get some big pallets of bottled water.

Keep the team hydrated.

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