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Cruise Tips: Stay Healthy and Fit

Heading out on a cruise?


Here are some tips so you will enjoy the cruise entirely.

First here is a video we put together while aboard a cruise ship.

Now some more checklists you can refer to.

Prepare to eat. One thing you will do on a cruise is eat: on the ship and; at some of the great eateries you discover in the ports. Expect to gain a few pounds. But it doesn’t have to be that bad.

  • Don’t be afraid to use the gym every day and get some good cardio.

  • Walk as much as you can. When you are out exploring, walk to places.

  • Walk on the ship. Most ships have 10 or 12 decks. So, make a vow to yourself to walk those stairs and not take the elevator.

  • When you’re walking the decks, keep your hands off the railings. You will get a better legs and core work-out.

  • Another reason for hands-off is that cruise ships can be vessels for germs. Although most cruise lines are fastidious about cleaning and killing germs, use hand sanitizers. Research shows if you rub your hands with sanitizer for at least 30 seconds you kill the germs. Also, try to keep your hands away from your face.

Get the ship’s drink package.

  • It will save you money. Some cruise lines charge per drink that are not included in your fare.

  • The package usually includes unlimited soft drinks, smoothies, special coffees and energy drinks.

Prepare for motion sickness.

  • If this is your first cruise and you don’t know how you will fare with the motion of the ocean, make sure to bring some over the counter medication like Dramamine. This will ease that on-board queasiness. Check for the non-drowsy version so you don’t get sleepy.

  • Or you may want to contact your doctor for a prescription for something else.

  • Book a room with a view. You want to see the horizon to bring back your equilibrium. Don’t get an inside cabin without a window. Also book a cabin in the front or fore of the ship as the engines in the back cause more rocking motions.

Check with your cell phone provider before you embark

  • Make sure you can get an International plan; some are as cheap as $10/day.

  • Ask if you will be charged additional fees for call or texts during this time.

  • Almost all ships have their own Wi-Fi intranet and an app where you will be able to communicate with everyone you are traveling with.

And just remember, you are on a floating city where things can get derailed or go off schedule due to weather and other circumstances.

Just relax and enjoy.

Pretend in your Jamaica and keep singing to yourself, “Don‘t worry be happy.”

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