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Drone Video Partners

Need drone video?

Maybe you're selling a property. Maybe you want to document the condition of your property for insurance reasons. Maybe you just love great photography. How about a cool view of an outdoor wedding?

We have some answers – from one of our experts -- about how to do it.

However, remember this warning about doing it yourself. As cool as drones are, they can be dangerous. So flying a drone is more than just buying one (though you can) and within an hour start scouring your skies.

If things go wrong:

  • You’re liable for damages or injuries.

  • You could also be hit with privacy violations if you fly over someone’s property without permission.

So, you need someone with skills, experience, and certifications.

Let us introduce you to one of our partners -- Drone Video Partners – which helped us with our segments on Southport, North Carolina.

Steve Jarriel is Drone Video Partners. He and John have been friends and colleagues since the 1980s when they worked in TV news in Hartford, CT at WFSB-TV.

Steve is a dedicated professional at whatever he does. He takes things seriously, but he is also a real kick to work with.

How much fun? We produced some videos to get Steve’s input, expertise, and his love of the drone technology while he helped us with some segments.

First, Steve explains how he got hooked on drones.

Steve is FAA certified. So he has gone through all the required licensing to fly a drone.

Steve warns us that going out and buying a drone and just flying it is a bad idea. You need training. And it is not something you just bring along on a vacation.

Flying a drone requires someone who can combine the skills of a pilot with an artist. Steve likens it to golf.

Steve also talks about how the drone technology is changing a lot of things in business and in television.

Steve and Drone Video Partners use their skills in other ways – such as search and rescue.

TV News, real estate marketing, government surveillance, and building inspections are probably the biggest users of drones. But that will expand to many more industries.

If you’re interested in using Steve for some drone work, here is his website.

If you need our assistance, we are here too. Email us here.

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