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The Masters Bucket List

If you’re a golf fan, then a Masters trip is probably on your bucket list.

And it is worth walking on the hallowed grounds of Augusta National. Do it at least once.

Here are some tips and guidelines.

Plan a year ahead. Masters tickets and the events surrounding it are not easy to get. Check out this site and sign up for the ticket lottery. A more direct approach: find a friend who works for a company that sponsors Masters events for their employees and customers. Many companies provide group trips, golf, dinners, parties, and local housing during Masters Week.

If you’re looking to play some golf too during your Augusta stay, along with tickets, email Scott Schaeffer, one of our contacts, who has plenty of luxury packages. Although there are nearby courses, some require an hour-long ride to places like Columbia, South Carolina.

This is for first-time visitors to Augusta National. Get tickets for Wednesday – the day before the first round. It is worth it. Spend the morning watching players during their practice round. Walk the entire course from the first to the last hole. Television does not reveal the length, steep hills, and why most Masters Winners hit shots with right to left movement. Then in the afternoon, attend the Par-3 Tournament. The players have fun and the fans can get up close. Here are some photos from the event a couple of years ago. That's Amy Mikkelson and Bones Mackay, Phil Mikkelson's former caddie, taking a photo with a fan that we snapped.

If you attend the actual tournament, don’t be disappointed in not seeing a lot of golf. Crowds make it difficult to see everything or to get close. You might want to find a place where you can see a couple of holes like the green at 15 so you can also see the tee box on the par-3 16th. We remember one of our jetsetters bemoaning a Ryder Cup event having to spend most of the time in a hospitality tent to see the actual golf competitors. Although we love The Masters, after visiting a few times, we like our seat in front of the TV.

Try attending Monday after the Masters in Myrtle Beach, South Carolina. Here’s a sip of that event we had in one of our shows.

Either way, The Masters is a great buddy trip. Bring your friends who you love to party with. Then send us the video and photos.

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