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Why iPhone X So Great For Jetsetters

Our show and video segments are now shot on two iPhone Xs.


The enhanced quality of the video and your photos is so noticeable.

Besides giving you great shots, it also makes shooting even easier -- and safer.

Here’s a quick video we produced taking some main pointers from our book.

Take a look.

It’s mind blowing when we show people these quick and easy techniques.

You shoot 10 seconds of video that turns into 30 seconds.

So what does this mean for your vacation videos?

  • You don’t have to shoot a ton of video. Instead of playing videographer all the time, you play tourist.

  • You will stay safer. The power of the camera allows you to stand back and allow the action to fill your screen.

  • You don’t have to zoom or move into the action. Your family and friends who watch will thank you for not giving them motion sickness.

  • And you can make sure to stay safe, out of the way of traffic and other unexpected collisions.

For more tips, get our book on Amazon.

In the meantime, share with us your tips on how you shoot your vacation videos.

You need help? Let us know.

Contact us on Facebook or Twitter.

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