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A Bucket List Wine: Capturing The Prisoner

The label will definitely captivate you.

It’s the famous sketch by the Spanish artist Goya called The Prisoner.

It’s dark. You feel the horror and bigotry Goya revealed in the prison life of 18th Century Spain.

So why is it in one of the greatest bottles of wine of our time?

A print of Goya’s work was given to Dave Phinney by his educated and cultured parents when he was 12 years old.

Once he became the accomplished wine maker, Phinney used the label for his new Zinfandel blend in 2000.

The connection? It has nothing to do with social injustice. It is just plain art.

The Prisoner is so incredible, we have labeled it one of the top Bucket List Wines.

It’s not cheap. We’ve seen it at Costco for about $40. Most places it ranges from $50 to $80. Restaurants pour it for about $90 and more a bottle.

Still, if you love red wine, or even if you just love wine in general, you need to indulge at least once for The Prisoner.

We have a full segment in one of our shows.

There’s just too much to say. So we broke it down into a couple of sips.

Here is a look at what to pair The Prisoner with. Hint: white, light fish is about the only thing you wouldn’t try.

That cassoulet at L’Albatros is also worth the trip to Cleveland. We’d go back just to sneak in a bottle of The Prisoner. (Yes they have great wines there. Ask ahead of time if you can bring The Prisoner.)

If you’re chained to your kitchen then try to whip up a cassoulet for yourself. Here is a good recipe we suggest.

Here’s a look at the people behind The Prisoner and we also mention another Dave Phinney classic, the Chardonnay blend, appropriately called Blindfold.

Give The Prisoner a try.

Tell us what you think.

Do you have a bucket list wine? Well then spill – either here or on Facebook or Twitter.

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