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Overseas Travel: Healthy Preps Ahead of Time

Like us, many of you are probably getting ready for a foreign adventure.

Make sure to prepare medically.

We checked in with our healthcare sharing partner, Liberty HealthShare, to get some tips.

Sue Rohr is the Health and Wellness Director. We are in touch with her and she is in touch with many doctors and experts.

Together we put together this checklist of things to do – before you leave.

  1. Make sure your shots are up to date. You should have had a tetanus in the past 10 years.

  2. Check the Confiscation of Prescription Drug web site for the country or countries you are going to. Some prescription medications could be illegal.

  3. If you need syringes, make sure to inform security before you go through.

  4. Schedule a routine visit to your physician and dentist before leaving the US.

  5. If you wear contact lens, take extra pairs.

  6. If you take prescribed medication, take extra

  7. Take proper sunscreen and insect repellant.

  8. Don’t travel in over-crowded vehicles.

  9. Make sure you carry with you at all times: your name; diagnoses; medications; allergies; recent surgeries (past 3 years); your physician’s name and phone number for emergencies.

  10. Give a copy of itinerary to family and friends.

  11. Get international calling added to your phone.

  12. If you get sick overseas, don’t wait. See a physician immediately. It does not take long for parasites to travel in your system.

Liberty HealthShare is a medical cost sharing organization. It is a non-profit with members sharing each other’s medical bills.

We are members and can have our eligible bills shared, even overseas, if those bills are presented in English.

Heading out on a cruise. We have tips on how to stay fit and healthy on the high seas too.

Want to be a smart traveler? Check out our tips on what to read before you hit a foreign country.

Bon Voyage.

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