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Tell Your Story with Undercover Jetsetter

Undercover Jetsetter is more than just a TV show about travel, food, wine, and golf.

We can supercharge your marketing efforts with engaging videos that can be used on:

  • Your website

  • Social media sites

  • Email campaigns

  • Video screens at your establishments

Video content will include:

  • Product and services you offer

  • Professional Tips for your customers

  • Profiles of customers who thrive thanks to you

  • Employee profiles on what they do here and off the job that helps the community

  • Company and industry news or assessments as you see it

Video Style Choices:

  • Documentary style with voice over

  • John or Susan on-camera as a third party endorsement/spokesperson

  • Facebook Live broadcast during special events

Why Expand Video Presence?

  • Video is becoming the go-to medium to reach more customers in our social media world

  • Video can tell a story that shows you engaged in the community

  • Video can be shot, edited, and delivered quickly

Why Undercover Jetsetter?

  • Pioneers in iPhone video production

  • Work with your social media marketing efforts already in place.

  • We wrote a book called The TV Studio in Your Hand

  • Produced more than 300 segments and 60 full length TV shows off the iPhone

  • Shooting off the iPhone doesn’t cause disruption during business day


Although most of these are travel, food, wine, and golf, notice that these videos are not only informative but fun and heart-tugging.

Here is a video about volunteers helping someone after Hurricane Florence

Here is a video on a new world changing technology

How about a video on your new product like new hot golf product.

Or how about this video on virtual training which we can bring to you.

Maybe you want a video to pitch a new business opportunity for the home-based business market.

Maybe you need a video on a new app or technology.

Here’s a video on the uniqueness of Tidewater Golf Club

Here is a video on the secrets of Farmstead Golf Course

Here is a video of Calabash Gourmet and Sushi

We also produce video profiles other companies such as the Caddie Girls

We can also produce video to cover your charity event

Here are some examples of our full-length shows:

UCJS Season 3 Episode 57 From Hong Kong.

UCJS Season 2 Episode 36 from South Beach and Miami.

UCJS Season 1 Episode 16 from Las Vegas.

UCJS Season 2 Episode 34 from the Cayman Islands.

You can find us on Facebook and Twitter as well.


Susan Anzalone is an entrepreneur, world-traveler, and writer. Her experience has spanned two decades in entertainment, new media, marketing, and travel. She has also worked in development, public relations, live events and communications for numerous companies including Disney, Marriott International, along with her vast experience in the direct-to-consumer industry. She is located on the US West Coast.

John Daly is a writer, internationally known TV Host, producer, and political/media analyst. He wrote the book, TRUTH: The No BS Guide To Navigating A Media-Biased World. John is best known as the host of the first all-video news magazine show, Real TV. John is an inductee into the Nevada Broadcasters Hall of Fame. John’s ability to work on all media platforms while understanding world events gives him unique insights into our global world. John is located on the US East Coast.

Together they have written The TV Studio in Your Hand, a book on how to create great vacation videos or even a TV show of your own.

Here’s how to reach us:

John’s Email

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