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We Got A Grip on Your Golf Game

What’s the most expensive item in your golf cart?

It might be that expensive driver.

But more likely it is your smart phone and your rangefinder.

So think about that.

Your driver is secured in your golf bag. But your smart phone and rangefinder are banging around in the cup holder or the compartment on the golf cart.

That’s why we recommend the Range Gripper.

It fits snuggly into the cup holder and securely holds both your smart phone and your rangefinder.

Here’s a video showing the rangefinder in action along with the inventor Scott Patten.

So here are the benefits:

  • Keep your smart phone and range finder safe and secure.

  • You want to leave your smart phone range finder in the car after the round is over.

  • You can use it in your car as well.

  • It is a great move for charity golf events.

  • Companies and sponsors can put their logos on the range gripper.

And you get a 10% discount just for being a fan of Undercover Jetsetter.

Check it out here. Then add the code: Daly 10

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