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Take Us To Your Convention

Sure, we can find you some great places to eat and drink.

But more importantly, we can find you customers and good will at your industry gatherings.

Here's a Facebook Live we produced for Range Gripper at the PGA Show.

Remember, the PGA Show in Orlando, which is huge, is for golf industry vendors to show off their new gadgets, services, and technology. But it is not open to the public. We bring the public to your show.

We did the same for Scott Schaeffer and his company SEU Promotions.

Producing a Facebook Live is not easy. It isn't rocket science either. But you need folks like us who have experience not only in social media but also the broadcast media which we talk about in our book.

  • A live broadcast requires preparation so it goes smoothly and looks seamless. We know what we're going to ask you. We go over it with you, so you are relaxed.

  • Notice how we barely move the iPhone camera. Any movement is slow. Most of the time we stay steady. Too much movement creates dizziness for your viewers. The beauty of the iPhoneX is that there is a built-in stabilizer in the phone. These two Facebook Lives were shot hand-held.

Facebook Live is great for a few things:

  • Getting the word out immediately like a live breaking newscast

  • Showing the energy and emotion of what is happening at the show.

But Facebook Live has some drawbacks -- which we can overcome for you.

Let's show you how.

We also scoured the show for new, breaking technology products and services your followers would be interested. It spreads the good will of your company to help promote other fellow exhibitors.

Therapouf is a good example. This new device will help you after driving a golf ball and when you're driving home in your car. Notice we mentioned Range Gripper, our hosts, in the video here.

Let's go back to the issue of Facebook Live. Notice we produced this video with Judy and Therapouf without using Facebook Live.

This was a recorded interview we shot, edited, and then uploaded to our YouTube Channel that Judy could use on social media. (We can upload to your YouTube or your website too. We can also turn these around to post in a matter of minutes as long as there is not a lot of editing.)

But notice the difference of this video which fills the screen compared to the Facebook Live videos which is shot vertical -- not horizontal.

Sure, we can download and edit a Facebook Live post, but it doesn't look as good when you post it after the event.

So we would then go back and interview you and your guests again using the iPhone in horizontal mode, edit it, and then post it. This style of video is better for your social media marketing.

Here are some other videos we produced just looking for new trends.

We found a new driver from Lynx Golf that might change how drivers are made.

We also found a new design for putters from Sacks Parente.

And we found a headset system that allows you to play golf, talk to your playing partners, hear someone yell, "Fore", while listening to your favorite music.

Notice too that John did the interviews. We could allow you to be the interviewer revealing the new products and designs while showing off your expertise within the industry. It also gives you a chance to offer good will to other entrepreneurs.

Interested? Have questions? Email us at:

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