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We Can Take You Live or Create A Cool Look-Live

Undercover Jetsetter collaborates with your digital marketing to bring you more customers.

Undercover Jetsetter can provide a live or look-live video that’s a TV talk show interview featuring you and your business.

You get the word out about your business while customers get to know you and your company’s personality.

Today’s customers prefer to witness the experience first before they engage.

What We’ve Already Done

We promoted an upcoming charity golf event by using the backdrop of a sponsor restaurant.

We also profiled a local veterinarian in a one-on-one interview along with one of her 4-legged patients.

Here’s another one-on-one interview that we can do at a convention or product show.

Here’s what we can do for restaurants.

What We Do For You

Undercover Jetsetter has taken iPhone video technology to a new level. It looks like a big television production with quick and immediate distribution.

The difference?

It reduces your costs and the disruption to your business compared to bringing in a video production company.

In fact, we have written a book about it.

Your Hosts/Interviewers: Us!

In case you are new to Undercover Jetsetter, let us introduce or re-introduce ourselves.

On the East Coast it is John Daly. He is an internationally known TV host and a Hall of Fame broadcaster who has also been on the cutting edge of reality TV and now iPhone TV. John has also been a spokesperson, emcee, and media trainer for companies and charities.

On the West Coast, it is Susan Anzalone. She is an entrepreneur, world traveler, and writer. Her experience spans two decades in entertainment, new media, marketing, travel, food and wine. She’s worked in development, public relations, live events, and communications for numerous companies including Disney, Marriott international and numerous companies in the direct to consumer industry.

Two Options

Option 1: Look live TV show interview

It includes:

  • Pre-interview to get to know you and your business better so the interview can be informative and fun.

  • Pre-interview video shoot to get cover video of your business and products.

  • 3 to 7 minute sit down interview using 2 iPhone cameras.

  • We can edit this video into a final production within an hour for distribution online.

  • You will have access to the video to upload to your sites.

  • We can provide digital marketing experts

Option 2: Live Event

It includes:

  • Live broadcast talk show that will be delivered to numerous sites locally and worldwide.

  • You can get sponsors whose spots will run during this show.

  • You can bring on other guests such as customers or employees.

  • We will provide behind the scenes technical aspects to go live.

  • The venue must provide a good Internet connection that can be plugged-in. Not just Wi-Fi.

  • Pre-interview with you, your guests about your business and products so the interview will be informative and fun.

  • Pre-video shoot to profile your business and products.

  • We can provide digital marketing experts that will access the live link for targeted distribution.

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