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Easy Air Fryer Chicken Wings


Chicken Wings

Chicken Drummettes

Spray Oil

Salt and Pepper

Dipping Sauces of Your Choice (we suggest Teriyaki and Buffalo Hot Sauce)


Set the temp on the Air Fryer to 400 F and pre-heat.

Dry the chicken wings on paper towels to remove the moisture.

Next, lightly spray some oil in the bottom of the air fryer.

Season the wings with salt and pepper.

Place the wings in the basket.

We suggest putting the flat wingettes together for more consistent cooking.

Be sure not to crowd the wings and cook in 2 batches if necessary, depending on how many wings you're cooking.

Set the temp on the air fryer to 400 F and cook for 8 minutes.

Flip the wings to the other side and cook again for another 8 minutes at 400 F.

Then, cook the drumettes in a separate batch following the same procedure.

Let them sit for a few minutes and then coat them in your favorite sauce.

Serve with extra sauces on the side.


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