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Susan Anzalone, a food and wine expert, is a world traveler from birth.  She was a 'Pan Am brat', traveling the world with her parents, who both worked for Pan American World Airways.  Susan is an entrepreneur, writer and pioneer in the world of hosting and shooting shows on the iPhone.  Her experience has spanned two decades in entertainment, new media, marketing, travel, food and wine.  She has also worked in development, live events and communications for numerous companies including Disney and Marriott International.  Her vast experience in the direct-to-consumer industry gives her keen insights into audience engagement and enlisting their eager involvement in the show.


John Daly is a writer, internationally known TV Host, news anchor,  journalist, producer, and political/media analyst.  His book, TRUTH: The No BS Guide To Navigating A Media-Biased World is the basis for his analysis of the current events on his website. John was the host of the first all-video news magazine show, Real TV, which, at its peak, averaged more than 4 million viewers a night.  John’s ability to work on all media platforms while understanding world events gives him unique insights into our global world.


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Absolutely loved it.

Amazing tips and charismatic hosts.

Jeffrey R, Hollywood, CA


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