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Where Are We? Spoiler Alert!

We did this show at an iconic location with a great hotel, great food and great ghosts. Yes ghosts!

Here’s the Spoiler: It's Hollywood.

Ken Davis, Real TV producer and writer, called it “Hollyweird” on Facebook. Hey, he lives there, so he can say that.

The hotel is The Hollywood Roosevelt. And Ken points out that the Roosevelt held the first Oscars back in 1927.

There is a ton of Hollywood history here. Again, as you will see in the story, we are enamored with ghosts. And when the ghosts of Marilyn Monroe and Montgomery Clift were mentioned, we couldn't resist.

Since we just published our book, The TV Studio in Your Hand, we thought we would mention how we did those ghost scenes.

It is actually quite easy. You will notice Susan stood in front of a mirror and I shot her reflection making sure the sun was behind her.

Normally you would video someone with the sun illuminating their face. But to get the ghost-like effect, do it just the opposite.

Tinsel town USA is a great place to go in the summer. It can be crowded with tourists but the weather is usually very nice.

The further inland is hotter, but those California beaches are hard to resist.

As we mentioned in the story, there are very few bad restaurants in the Los Angeles area.

Enjoy shooting some ghostly videos of your own!

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