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Tips for Summer Golfing

We’re talking about bringing out the sticks from Myrtle Beach, SC up to Wilmington, NC.

The spring and fall months are peak golf seasons. The weather is 60s and 70s and a great escape for folks in northern climates like New England and Canada.

On the other hand, summer can be hot and humid. But that also means great golf deals.

We recently spoke to AJ Gohil, of Worldwide Golf Marketing.

He talks about the great deals during the summer and how to take advantage of them. Listen here.

First, get an early morning or late afternoon tee time to beat the heat. Even a 5 PM tee time can get you 18 holes before sundown.

Other tips: stay covered, drink a lot of water, and leave the alcohol until the 19th hole.

Speaking of which, the region from Myrtle Beach to Wilmington also has some great restaurants.

Here is our story of the Brentwood, a fine French restaurant in Little River South Carolina.

And another segment on a place dishing up delicious food: Thoroughbreds Steak and Chop House, a great place to eat and watch sports.

Wilmington has a good golf courses and the Bohemian-style, quaint, Southern cuisine restaurants, as we found out when we did this show on Great Food and Dining in Wilmington.

Myrtle Beach to Wilmington is open all year round. The winter months can be tricky. Sometimes it does get a little chilly down here. But some winters, like this past winter are very temperate.

No excuses not to be bringing your game and your palette!

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