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Hong Kong: Bucket List

Hong Kong is one of the great cities of the world.

It has a touch of New York, San Francisco, Honolulu, Sydney, and even Austin, Texas.

Watch here for a taste of Hong Kong. You can see how to get around and do the touristy things you should do.

You will also see that we announce -- in a very understated Undercover Jetsetter way -- that we found the world’s greatest fish and chips and hamburger in the same Gordon Ramsay restaurant, The London House.

We also go to a new kind of McDonald’s. I know! Undercover Jetsetter at fast food! Next thing you know China will have Hong Kong. Oh wait! Oh just watch this.

You can see the entire show and all of our episodes by going to TikiLive and signing up for the best alternative to cable TV. For a low monthly fee, you can see our shows and all your favorite cable shows and channels for a lot less. And you can take it to Hong Kong with us.

You will want to see the rest of the episode, because we get lost boarding the wrong ferry. But the journey leads us to an incredible seafood restaurant.

Now that we realized Hong Kong is now under Chinese rule, we got some perspective from a friend who just went there.

Dale Bellis, the co-founder and Executive Director of Liberty Health Share, won a trip to Hong Kong. He shared his experiences on our radio show.

Summer is obviously a tough travel time. So let us suggest a trip in September or October while the crowds might be smaller but the weather still superb.

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